EST Studios: Monrroe Production Tutorial – Atmos/Pads

One of the rising stars of liquid Drum & Bass, Monrroe has been producing hit after hit and shows no sign of stopping, with tracks like Out Of Time in 2020 & Never Too Old the year before, he bridges the gap between liquid and heavier styles of dnb

Monrroe takes us through how to make lush pad sounds in Ableton from scratch using PaulxStretch, a free plugin which you can download here

This tutorial is a great introduction to Monrroe’s signature sound, using the plugin to turn a short marimba sound into a long pad, then resampling the sound & manipulating it as audio. He then uses filtering & reverb to really bring the pad to life. Finally, Monrroe layers a higher version of the pad over the original to create texture & depth to the sound.

For more pads from Monrroe check out his sample pack:

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